Introducing the Vision, Mission, Objectives and Logo of Federation of Sabah Industries
FSI desires to see Sabah as developed economic hub of East Asia.


FSI strives for Sabah to be a business hub; ensuring a stable, conducive & transparent business environment, enabling prosperity across all industries.


  1. FSI to actively input & participate in government economic policies formulation.

  2. FSI to actively research, identify economic trends, share and lead businesses in capitalizing on the opportunities & potentials.

  3. FSI to passionately promote transparency & accountability in government procedures & business transactions.

  4. FSI to be a platform of dynamic interaction, information exchange & relationship building for its members.

  5. FSI to inculcate entrepreneurship spirit, assist business start-ups and develop future businesses stars to sustain Sabah's economy forward.



FSI logo's blue color represents the sea around Sabah, and the oceanic pathways that connect us to the international trade world.

The red octagonal nut denotes FSI's evolution of its root from FSM past; from the seed of manufacturing to incorporating industries of all business activities.

The strong bold letters represent the unity of federation; where divergent industries around Sabah work together in a seamless unit towards advancing Sabah's ambition to be a developed economic hub of East Asia.